mardi, août 29, 2006

On avance, on avance .... C'est une évidence...
Le temps file, court, pour marcher, rouler ,remper, tous les moyens sont bons pour avancer mais la question est: "on va où"
Je reviens de la corse, de la Mama Corsica où j'ai déambulé sur le Gr 20. J'y ai laissé aussi courir mes crayons pour éssayer de marquer au jour le jour ce que mes yeux on pu croiser.
Un petit coup d'oeil??? rubrique carnets


Blogger Sindhu said...

It true I don't know any French :(
I am a software engineer, however I am ready for any work condition being that I should get paid for it.I am proficient in english and love writing too.

août 29, 2006  
Blogger grouille said...

where do you come from, where do you live? In what sort of software you like working? Me i like to work on drawing of corse and the all Adobe software. Photoshop Illustrator and what ever...
I like too the soft xware to make animation like Flash. I like making films. But It's juste for fun.
Taking about you a little bit....

août 30, 2006  
Blogger Sindhu said...

I am from India and recently relocated to Grenoble.
I was into Java and J2EE.Worked with a consulting organization.It was a MNC in India.Though I was not into flash and animation etc.

septembre 01, 2006  
Blogger grouille said...

Okay, what is a MNC in India?
I will like to travel in India? From which part of India do you come from? North or South?
Why do come to works in France?
What do you found of? which passion do you have? Do you like ski near Grenoble in the Moutain. Me, I'am very found of Speleologie, do go into the moutain. I come very ofen near Grenoble to do this activity.

septembre 07, 2006  
Blogger Sindhu said...

Yeah, actually an MNC is a multinational company having its presence in various countries.
I like to see people doing the dangers (ski) .M too scared to do it myself :)
But yeah Grenoble is beautiful otherwise.
M from North India.My hubby got relocated here and I came along. :)

septembre 08, 2006  

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